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If I won the Lottery… Day 12

There is no “if”, it is “when” I win the lottery.  I would do the standard buy a house and a new car, and new houses and cars for my friends and family.  I was in training for my new job today.  I started working at a medical billing company yesterday.  So, during training, medical insurance comes up (of course).  One of the trainers said that if she won the lottery she would revamp the VA system.  What a great idea.  I consider myself to be a huge supporter of members of the military.  I may not agree with some politics that puts these men and women in harms way, but they might not agree either.  When these veterans are done with their time in the military, they should be treated like we are indebted to them, because we are.  There is no way to justify why the VA is having so much issues and senators and other elected officials get the best healthcare.  I think that the medical insurance the senators get should be the exact same the veterans get.  That way the people driving the bus can fix any problems that come up.  No, this is not a conflict of interest.  As the system is now, these elected officials have to power to vote for raises and other compensation related things.

Yes, there are so many groups of people that life should be easier for.  I wish I could help everybody.  If I win the lottery today, I am buying the VA.  What causes would you like to help out?



Most Proud Moment. Day 11


I think I might have a close tie for my most proud moment.  They both have a few things in common.  They are both the end result of tireless work and dedication.  They both helped my sense of self transform.  They both added a level of self-confidence that I wasn’t expecting, but happily experienced.  After six long years and I can’t even figure out how many different majors, I graduated college with a bachelor of arts degree from the University at Albany.  My (final) major was sociology with a minor in linguistics.  I really didn’t think I was ever going to graduate.

In June of 2014 I found my birth mother.  Even though I always knew that I wanted to look, I didn’t really start until the mid 2000’s, probably around 2004.  I had a strong desire to find out who I looked like.  Within four months of getting my DNA results, I was in contact with my birth mother.  OK, soapbox time!  If adoptees were treated the same as all other citizens of the United States, I would have been able to access my original birth certificate.  But nOooOOOOoo, no access to my own record of birth because I was born in New York.  Actually, there are only about 7 (seven, VII, siete) states in the US that allow adults who were adopted access to their own birth certificate.

First Celebrity Crush. Day 10

Is it weird that this topic is stumping me?  I was a big music fan growing up (and still am) and had posters all over my walls.  I knew everything about Axel Rose (don’t judge me) and Guns N’ Roses.  I remember thinking it would be fun to hang out with Axel and the guys, but I didn’t really have a crush on them.  I was a huge fan of Pearl Jam too when Ten came out (on tape).  I recorded the Unplugged they were on and watched it until the tape broke.

Piercings and Tattoos? Day 9

I sure do have tattoos!  And I used to have piercings.  Here you go…..

I am going to skip over the ear piercing part and go straight for the face.  I pierced my nose in Fall of 1995.  I had to re-pierce it a few times because it got pulled out during a rugby game and it closed when I left it out for a weekend.  Third time is the charm I guess.  I still have a hole for a nose ring but don’t wear one. Also in college, the spring of 1997 to be exact, I got my eyebrow pierced in Daytona on spring break.  I never wanted my eyebrow pierced and thought it looked weird.  So there I was, broke and having a blast in Daytona with my friends from college who I was only planning on getting a ride home with.  They were all, we are going to Daytona, wanna go.  I thought, well I do have a suitcase of dirty sweaters and no money, sure I will go.  I used my Discover card (I still cannot believe that I got a credit card) to get gas and the girls would give me cash.  So, there we are, walking around the stores and stuff and we go by a piercing place/tattoo shop.  This is a pretty stupid idea so I should get the stupidest kind of piercing I can think of, my eye brow.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Long story short, when I went home for the summer my Dad was nice enough to cut it out with wire cutters.

I have a sunflower on my lower back.  It is the first tattoo I had done.  I went in thinking I wasted a lizard on my foot and came out with a big sunflower on my back.  I always loved sunflowers growing up and they happen to be the flower of my college sorority.

My ankle has a snowflake tattoo.  My friend was living in Philadelphia with her husband and I went to visit for my birthday weekend.  She and I had always talked about getting tattoos.  She got stuck babysitting and her husband and I went to get my tattoo.  I picked Na Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo because all the main artists were women.  I like to see women get ahead in male-dominated fields.  The person I first talked to when I went in was an apprentice.  I told her I wanted a snowflake and she excitedly showed me all the snowflake brands she had on her thigh.  This woman had to  do my tattoo.  It is probably the most painful tattoo I have as well as the smallest.  I really like the story and that is just as important to me as the actual tattoo.

Third tattoo happened at a shop down the road from my house in Glenmont, appropriately named “Impulse Tattoo”.   I stopped into the shop one day after work in February 2011, hoping to act on an impulse, and get my tattoo that day, but I had to make an appointment and wait until the next day.  I figure this is going to be on my body for the rest of my life, so only waiting 24 hours is still pretty impulsive.  I got a triskelion on my right wrist.  It is an ancient symbol used in several different cultures, including Celtic.  A triskelion is a conjoined triple spiral.  It looks like a pyramid of 3 spirals.  The symbol has to do with anything involving a trinity.  For example, earth, wind and fire, or past present and future.  It can also symbolize eternity.  Its a nice lil’ doodle.  I like it very much, even if it is hard to explain sometimes.triskelion

My Aunt Karen gave my Grandparents a big beautiful picture of 2 orange poppies when they moved into their then new house in the 50’s.  The painting is stunning.  It has a turquoise green background with some color splatter.  The picture instantly reminds me of my Grandparents and now it is on my leg.  I went to Body Stain in October of 2013 with a picture of the picture.  I asked the artist to do his best at capturing the feel of the picture.  He did one better and it looks like a miniature of the picture.  It is bright and colorful and still has a retro feel.  My partner, Chris, got a tattoo while I was getting one.  He had one tattoo on his shoulder from his time in the Navy.  He got a beautiful tribal phoenix on his forearm.  poppies

Last one, I got an anchor with pastel flowers on my thigh at Identity tattoo in June of 2015.  The anchor means a lot to me.  To me it symbolizes that I found a place in my life that I would “drop anchor”.  It means to me that I am grounded and happy with who and where I am.  Oh, and my partner was in the Navy.  I thought I was being all cute and sneaky in tieing my tattoo to my partner.  Some of the first questions I had after I posted a picture of my tattoo is “Who was in the Navy?”.  Maybe I wasn’t being that subtle.  That’s fine, I still love it.  The artist who did the tattoo is a friend of partner’s daughter’s partner.  Even though I have some light scaring from my gentle ginger skin being rubbed a little too much, I love that the artist himself also ties the tattoo to my partner.  My partner also got some work done while I was getting my anchor done.  He is a die-hard Ohio State Football fan.  He got a block O on his calf.  The “O” is colored with old looking red-bricks.  The bar we hung out at was called the Red Brick.  anchor

Old Photo of me. Day 8


This is a picture of me in the hospital.  This is the earliest picture I have of me.  Thankfully, about 2 years ago, I saw it for the first time.


10 Favorite Foods. Day 7

This should be easy.  Pretty much if a little kid likes it, so do I.  Don’t you judge me.

  1. Peanut butter and strawberry jelly on white bread.
  2. Hamburgers.  No cheese, with pickles and ketchup.
  3. Pizza dipped in ranch dressing.
  4. Ice cream.  Always and all kinds.
  5. Celery.  I really like cooked celery.
  6. Peas.  They are my favorite condiment.
  7. Cereal.  Preferably a sugary kids kind.
  8. Breakfast things you put maple syrup on.  Waffles, pancakes, french toast, oatmeal.
  9. Turkey.
  10. Marshmallows.

Three Personality Traits I am proud of. Day 6

  1.  I am hilarious.  Seriously, I am always making myself laugh.  Now, granted, not everyone gets my jokes, but I always do.  Sometimes, something I like to do is repeat my hilarious joke to some poor unsuspecting person that, unfortunately, didn’t get the joke the first time around.
  2. I like to share.  If I have something, chances are pretty good that I will share.  This can be pretty much anything.  Food, for example.  I am a great one for trying to give away my favorite food because “C’mon, you just have to try it!”.
  3. I am kind-hearted.  This kind of goes with the “I like to share” trait, but it goes a little further.  I am not judgemental of people.  I get along with everybody, to a fault.  I assume everybody is a good person and we know that isn’t true.  Strangers like to open up to me about their problems and stuff.  I am always happy to help out.



Earliest Childhood Memory. Day 4

Yup, a little out of order.  Expect to see “Day 6” tomorrow or Tuesday!

My parents were having a get together.  I remember hearing a hum from the people.  My Mother carried me into my dark bedroom.  I remember the gliding feeling as she walked.  She put me down on my back in the crib.  The crib was on the right side of the room, near the door.  I was gently placed in my crib and my Mother gave the mobile a gentle spin. She was very loving and I remember feeling so comforted.  She left the room and closed the door behind her.  It was dark and I went to sleep.

I verified with my Mom that my crib was where I thought it was when I was a baby.

My Guilty Pleasure. Day 5

Mindless, stupid, unfollowable, nonsense, weird, off-the-wall, borderline offensive, preferably animated, obscure tv shows.

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